Resolution at PMAN National Executive Meeting held in Lagos

The National Executive Council (N.E.C) meeting of  the Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of  Nigeria – (PMAN) held on Monday 30 th May, 2016 at the  White House Hotel, Toyin Street, Ikeja – Lagos, the under  listed State Chapters of the Union were fully represented. 
They are:  1. Lagos 2.Ogun 3.Oyo 4.Kwara 5.Osun 6.Ekiti 7.Ondo  8.Edo 9.Kogi 10.Abuja 11.Kaduna 12.Nasarawa 13.Plateau  14.Benue 15.Enugu 16.Ebonyi 17.Abia 18. Imo 19.  Anambra 20.Rivers 21.Bayelsa 22. Cross River 23. Akwa  Ibom 24. Adamawa states respectively.
 After debates and considerations of issues raised at  the meeting, Council adopted the following resolutions:  
1.That in recognition and observance of the consent  Judgment delivered on the 31 st October 2014 which  established this Out-going Interim National Executive  Caretaker Committee of PMAN that stipulated an eighteen  months tenure period for the executive committee, the  judgment further directed the executive to thereafter  convene a National Delegates Conference and conduct  elections into various offices in PMAN in accordance with  the provisions of the PMAN Constitution. Consequent upon  the above, Council therefore agreed and resolved that the  Interim National Executive Caretaker Committee shall  remain in office until its mandate from the said judgment is  fully discharged. In the exercise of this mandate, the  National Executive Council hereby resolves as follows :  
1. That as shown in the attendance register, this meeting  has recorded more than two thirds of the entire  membership as against the required one third to form a  quorum as contained in the PMAN Constitution. Therefore,  whatever decision or resolution that is adopted in this  meeting is valid and binding accordingly.  
2. That a disciplinary committee is hereby constituted by  this Council. However, names of the members, chairman  and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee shall be made  public as soon as confirmation of acceptance of members  of the committee is received.  
4. That the terms of reference of the National Disciplinary  Committee shall be announced on the day of its  inauguration.  
5. That the primary assignment of the Disciplinary  Committee shall be to look into the activities, actions and  inactions of members who may have committed one form  of anti-union activity or the other with a view to meting out  appropriate sanctions in conformity with constitutional  provisions.  
6. That Council also observed with displeasure the menace  and nuisance caused by some aggrieved members of the  Union who are shamelessly parading themselves all over  the place as officials and officers of the Union without any  legal backing. Council hereby warns those in this rampage  to desist henceforth from doing so or face the  consequences accordingly. For example: Julietta Ofuyeta is  our chapter Chairman in the F.C.T while Zubby Enebeli s in  charge in Delta State. In Rivers State Muma Gee is the  authentic Chairperson while Chaika Banton is our man in  Akwa Ibom State respectively. Any other person parading  himself or herself in this capacity in these areas are  interlopers and should be treated as such.  Council also resolved that the Biennial National Delegates of PMAN shall hold on Tuesday 4 th of October 2016 in  strict adherence to the consent judgment that brought  about this executive as we shall not fail to abide by the  spirit and letter of that judgment .  
7. That electoral guidelines for the forth-coming National  Delegate Conference shall be made public at least two  months before the Delegates conference proper.
     Other  resolutions made at the meeting are as follows: 
8. That the Interim National Executive Committee should  pursue with vigor all pending cases in various courts  including those in the National Industrial courts,  Federal High Courts and Court of Appeal as the case  may be with a view to ensuring final conclusion of  equity and justice there upon.  COMMENCEMENT OF BARCODING REGIME  The compulsory bar-coding of all musical and film  works released in Nigeria shall commence as soon as  the on-going negotiations and discussions between  PMAN and The Federal Ministry of Information &  Culture on one hand and the Nigeria Copyright  Commission (N.C.C) on the other hand are concluded,  we shall then announce the date for the  commencement of the bar-code regime in Nigeria as  the measure is designed   (a.) to protect the works  creator,  (b.) the investors, and  (c.) to be able to determine  the contribution of the  music industry into the annual  G.D.P of the Nation since Nigerian music have been  rated one of the best in the world today.  In keeping with our vision of reforming and  repositioning of the Nigerian Music Industry to live up  to its billing, that a New Anti-Piracy Strategy has been  adopted. And that Council has approved the Synergy  between PMAN and the Economic and Financial  Crimes Commission (E.F.C.C) which shall provide the  frame work for holistic anti-piracy drive since piracy  has been identified as an economic crime not just  against the works owners but also the nation at large.  
9. That Council commends the Nigeria police for its efforts  at pursuing and investigating petitions submitted against  those who were fingered in connection to the PMAN landed  properties in Abuja.  
10. That Council hereby implores  the police high  command to please intensify their efforts at bringing  to book all those involved in this national malaise  albeit, fraud and corruption.  
11. That the PMAN National Executive Council also  wishes to use this opportunity to commend His  Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari for his  untiring efforts at stamping out corruption in whatever  guise in the country. 
We say Mr. President, more grease to your able elbows.   

PMAN Plateau Delegate at National Executive Meeting in Lagos -photos 

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