PURPLE TREND: Time to change the Economy

Time to change the Economy
By. Jaja Omar, purple ceo

Is time like these of economic recession that great entrepreneurs emerge” All I see in Nigeria is people who hav a problem, discuss about the problem but Do nothing about the problem, it’s not that we are not aware but we choose to live the way we see it, reducing ourselves to be nothing… Someone once said “if u chase people to the wall, they turn back and fight back,…But if they push a Nigerian to the wall, he digs a hole on the wall and hides inside the wall” this sums up that in Nigeria “we are Reactive, instead of being Pro-active”
I saw someone mocking d Namibia boy who invented a phone  dat doesn’t use airtime Jst bcos d invention is big n enormous. And not convenient like our mobile phones today, and it kills me because who’s mocking him on twitter was a youth like him who probably spends 5years of his life browsing. You see the irony?  U’ll see dat dis telecommunications giants will buy dis Namibian  boy and hide his invention. Because he’s a threat to business. Just like Nigeria is prominent in great inventions but nobody hears about them after publishing. The likes of the unijos student who discovered a generator that uses urine as fuel. Years back when I was in high school, I was opportuned to visit a facility on a field trip and they showed us an invention that converts feaces in the latrines into cooking gas, safe and pure for domestic use, using water lotus as a catalyst. Ask me if I ever heared of it again? The Government complain about diversifying economy yet don’t support enterprenuers or fund inventions. U want life to change for you while u crossing your legs, my dear life doesn’t work like that. Even scripturally it says “faith without work is death”
  My brand purplenaija will one day emerge d biggest media platform to showcase talents of orphans and less privileged in our society. It’s my way of giving back to society. Building a brand is not a sprint race, it’s a marathon. A legacy isn’t  built in a day….it takes forever sometimes. But am patient. In the first part of this article i’ve like any other Nigeria complained about our problem, but unlike an average Nigerian, I want to discus possible solutions and a way out, so let’s continue.
 Education they say brings reform, re creates, enlightens. But how come the way we Nigerians love school, yet we so backward and narrowly minded like our fellow brothers and sisters in the African community? It’s simple, the thing is, we in tropical countries get wrong concept of education. Just like we do about religion. Nigeria is amongst the most religious countries, yet so much hate, discrimination and unbelief. This is the reasons why our ancient traditional rulers before the missionary white men came, they owned lands and the white men owned the bible. And they ask them to close their eyes to pray. When they opened there eyes the white men had the lands and they had the bible. but that is another article, after this u can read up more of my article here on purplenaija.com every Saturday or watch us live. Back to what we were discussing, Even those who go to school get the wrong inception about school, many Nigerians like to quote how the richest man in the world Bill Gates, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school, but Never ask the most relevant questions “WHY” why did they have to drop out of school? If education is the key, Yes! Because they found out you go to school and  repeat what u’ve learnt, over and over, that is mediocre, that is limiting, we are not all created alike, our power lies in our variety. School is like bringing a cat, a fish and a monkey under one roof and at the end of the term you set an exam for them to climb a tree, yes the monkey will soar high because he was created for that purpose. So you call the cat and fish, useless or dumb, NO! They are not the problem. We go to school and cram pythagoras theorem and pie and areas of a circle or Daltons Atomic theory and u can’t really relate with this terms or numbers you just gotta endure it to pass and get a degree. Bill and Zuckerberg figure out something ain’t right so they broke out, question is what did they figure? This big names dropped outta sch cos they discovered themselves tru other people teachings and cultures, the likes of  Einstein ,Socrates, the John Daltons and Charles Darwin , YES! they broke out and made it, because dey DISCOVERED themselves early in school. Thank God for them. They discovered themselves, something we Africans haven’t done since the beginning. Education was supposed to expopse you to diverse cultures and great minds and thinkers. So u can think wide, become limitless thinkers, breach gabs and forge your own part. Invent yourself, become something more than just a number in concensus. Let your life matter, your purpose fufilled, We think cos we studied medicine in sch, we must become doctors, and wen it doesn’t work out, we blame witches and govt policies, Go and read abt dis multimillionaire lifestyle and u’ll discover one thing is synonymous with all of them, They are great Readers. Soon i’ll be wrapping up but let me leave this Quotes like I do when lecturing in IDP camps and to purple family wereva I find one.”Donot let schooling interfere with ur Education” you asking what is purple saying? Read it again let it sink. Schooling ends in the four walls of an institution but education is for life, self education is the key, and I leave you with another of my favorite quotes “Those who will not read have no advantage, over those that cannot read…”. And critics will asl what about All d big looters in government? They Are educated, some Doctors are governors and some Barristers are key members of senate and all, so you re tempted to ask Buh u ask WHY? “Why is their education not reflecting in the way they pilot there affairs? I have another answer for you “the foundation is faulty” even the bible says “if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do? I quote a great mind here ” To destroy someone doesn’t mean u kill or afflict him, NO…. is to take away the ability to recreate himself” the colonial masters took away our ability to recreate ourselves….Dats why we will  loot ourselves dry go abroad just to show d white man they we have it. Trying to be like the white man, forgeting our true identity and our values. We see a fellow brother and pass him because he’s black. A black cop in the US will arrest and mutilate a fellow black man just for being black. Former minister of petroleum could loot money enough to buy a small country like Madagascar, just because she can loot. Money that can’t be spent in an entire lifetime, someone will loot it, a black man would sell his kidney just to live a life to impress strangers, the list goes on and on, but that’s another article coming up. Before I go I leave you with this last quote ” the world is like this today, not because evil has power, But the Good ones chose to do nothing ” Don’t fold your arms, work hard, study hard, times are changing. U can be more than you are today, be patient too. Get Christ in your life because without God you can do nothing, mind you I didn’t say get church, I was specific “Get Jesus Christ in ur life today” he’s ur hope of glory. This is purple…changing lives tru color. Stay tuned on our channels on bbm, watsapp 08130959797, or email us @ marophilip15@gmail.com or loggin to www.purplenaija.com.

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