Recession: Federal Government Needs To Give Hope To Citizens – Gov Emmanuel

Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State, in this chat with State House Correspondents, has said the government needs to give him to the citizens in the face of the economic recession. JONATHAN NDA- ISAIAH presents the excerpts. On why he visited the villa..;

I think we will always come here because we were mandated by the governors’ forum to come and discuss some certain issues with the vice president and that’s why you saw two of us here, we were supposed to be three but the third governor could not make it. So that is why we came to discuss some issues with the vice president and it has been a very good meeting, we tackled some issues. In everything we do, I keep reassuring Nigerians that we want to be together in Nigeria, so whatever we discuss is in the interest of our citizens and we make sure we put our heads together to solve our challenges as a developing nation. Let me assure Nigerians that there is no developing country that doesn’t go through what we go through and how do we make effort to face the challenges? That’s why you see us putting heads together, trying to appraise and try to find a solution that will be enduring.

On anniversary of Akwa Ibom

My state will be 29 on 23rd of September. We chose to mark it and thank God, a child that was born 29 years ago is already a father and as a state, we have made developmental strides in this 29 years and also with regards to where God has brought us to, we want to thank Him. We would also like to let the citizens know where we are going to. There is recession, you must give hope to the citizens and I think we are on the right path. We are going somewhere and where we are going to will bring about prosperity, job creation and at the end of the day, we just want to improve on the living standard of every citizen. I believe and what we normally say is that once the passion is right, nothing is impossible.

We are not limited to what we see all over the world, we are not limited by the recession and based on what people see, we go beyond that. We go beyond biases, ethnicity, religion, even in gender, we just rise to togetherness, that’s the message. Once government is ongoing, there is always a project. We don’t celebrate projects, either you commission or build a new one but I am one governor that doesn’t make so much noise because we still have a long way to go. You can also say you have achieved when you have stamped out hunger, unemployment. You cannot be happy when you see a young man that finished school and has not been employed. So we cannot roll out drums to celebrate but only to thank God that we are going to the Promised Land. We will get there but mind you, the way to the Promised Land is through the wilderness

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