Lagos Students’ rejects President Buhari’s 2017 Budget

Lagos Students' rejects President Buhari's 2017 Budget
Students in Lagos had rejected the 2017 proposed‎ budget which was submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari recently at a joint legislative session of the National Assembly, in Abuja.

The budget estimated total is N7.2 trillion, with the ministry of works, Housing and Power to get N433.4 billion, the same Ministry in the 2017 budget received a proposal of N529 billion.

Ministry of Transport got N262 billion. In the 2016 budget, the same ministry got N202 billion.

Buhari revealed that the Judiciary budget has been increased from N70 billion to N100 billion. He said the increase in funding is further meant to enhance the independence of the judiciary and enable them perform their functions effectively.

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On recurrent expenditure, N482.37 billion will be spent by the Ministry of Interior, N398.01 billion by Ministry of Education, N325.87 billion by Ministry of Defence and N252.87 billion by Ministry of Health.

Special Intervention Programmes will gulp N150 billion while Defence will get N140 billion for capital expenditure.

Water Resources will get N85 billion, Industry, Trade and Investment will get N81 billion.

Similarly, Interior will get N63 billion for capital expenditure and Education will get N50 billion.

Universal Basic Education will get N92 billion, while Health gets N51 billion. The Federal Capital Territory will receive N37 billion, while Niger Delta Ministry gets N33 billion. Niger Delta Development Commission on the other hand gets N61 billion.

About N100 billion has been provided in the Special Intervention programme as seed money into the N1 trillion Family Homes Fund that which the President said will underpin a new social housing programme.‎ While briefing the press at the University of Lagos, Akoka, the chairman of National association of Nigerian students (NANS) in Lagos state, Comrade Samson Moses, argued that a budget of any nation wouldn’t attain a reasonable success if education is not giving utmost consideration.

Comrade Samson said that according to the UNESCO statistic, about 65 million Nigerian citizens are not educated and 40 percent of Nigerian children are out of school and as such, education need more focus that is worth declaring a state of emergency on. The students’ leader said that UNESCO, a United nation body that the federal government is a member of, recommended that 26 percent of every nation’s budget should go for education and Nigeria even under the regime of change has failed to make this a reality and as such, we reject in totality the budget and wouldn’t mind to protest it continuously until the budget is amended.

The National assembly knows what is right and we urge they use the privilege they have to make Nigeria great again, by making education get to much required attention, Comrade Samson concluded.

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