Bridal shower to remember

Bridal shower
Bridal shower: Are you planning to get married soon or you have your wedding date fixed already?  I have some really good tips to make your bridal shower super sweet! I hope you like it.

First of all: pick a date

Your bridal showers should be held about two weeks to two months before the wedding date.  Some prefer a day proceeding the wedding.

Bridal shower  Bridal shower Bridal shower

Compile a guest  list
As the host,  you should set the number of guests you are comfortable inviting. If the shower is not a surprise consult with the bride about whom to include.
Choose a theme
Only if you wish to,  but a theme makes a bridal shower unique.
It could be your home or a nearby venue like a hotel room,  swimming pool side and other fun places.
Bridal shower
Decide on decorations and centerpieces
Branded balloons and facial mask can be worn for a colorful shot.
Plan a menu,  If necessary
It might just be a drink,  with small chops hmm… Inviting.
Do not make it boring,  you should assemble a bow hat,  yes, but think about other options. Consider hiring soft music playing, a tarot reader or even giving everyone a temporary tattoo and minutes to speak about the bride to be.
Choose an outfit

All ladies at the bridal showers can be in a colorful robe except for the bride to be, that wears something different to distinguish her as the bride.Here are some shots to feed your eyes at Tessy and Leon’s bridal showers held recently.

Hope you like and comment on this post, as well as forward your questions and suggestions.


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