Baddo: The Boy Who Didn’t Want To Graduate

My school was a community boarding school down in the east. Our students were widely known, not for their academic prowess, but for their mischief and misdemenours.

Students would be seen loitering during class hours plucking udala or cashews. The senior boys would occasionally steal yams, fowls or goats from the teachers quarters and prepare a meal of yam porridge and roasted meat. At this time I was in form 1. We the junior boys were tasked with sneaking in spices and other essentials for a taste of this ‘privileged feast’.
The most popular amongst our seniors was David Alen or ‘Baddo’ as he was popularly called, he was the oldest in the school and was a nuisance to teachers. He broke every law, possible or impossible.

He would relax in the hostel during class hours, as he had turned his dormitory into a bachelors pad. He had every illegal thing not allowed in school, like pots, a stove and even a radio. He once printed obituary posters of our principal (who was still alive) and pasted them around the school. Yet, he was never expelled as he was feared by all.

Graduation day came and every one was happy teachers and students alike, students, cause we would finally get a taste of good food, especially the reverred meal, Jollof Rice,Teachers, cause Baddo was graduating. Only one person wasnt happy, Baddo. He didn’t want to graduate!

He promised he was not going to leave the school, he couldn’t fathom leaving a place where he had become ‘president’. His friends and teachers begged, his mom also came begging in tears, but all pleas fell on deaf ears, he swore he was going to live his entire life in the school , even get married there!

And stay he did!

Baddo had spent two years in the school, I was in form 3 when we heard the news that, Baddo had finally decided to leave! He was bored of the school, his friends were no longer around to follow him on his escapades as his new friends weren’t as daring.

Jubilation rented the air.

School was closed at 12pm that day, quite early for a Thursday. The junior boys were sent to help him pack his belongings, the Band Boys got their drums and played wonderful music while baddo wearing a gucci boxer and cover shoes danced holding a bucket where passerby’s made donations to ‘his cause’. The whole school formed a procession behind him singing and dancing.

A junior student had been sent ahead earlier to inform his mother of his arrival. On getting to his house, his mom ran out and hugged him, dancing to our music. The whole school was later treated to a meal of Jollof Rice. A Special thanksgiving service was held in the school on Sunday. It was indeed a miracle.

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