Young Women in Politics Forum Peer Training Program organised by Dr. Oderinde-Clement Temitayo

The YWIPF Peer Training Program was fixed for the 18th and 23rd of November at two different locations in Ogun State to create the desired impact as a rippling effect from the leadership training seminar attended in Abuja. 

The turn out of the ladies was impressive with quite a number of the ladies ready to proceed to the next event as to becoming active in the country Political Proceedings by way of exercising their individual civic duties and also creating the right environment for the nation’s future generation of children through selection and support of right Young Women Political Candidates so as to push the women related bills and issues on the floor of legislative and executive ground.
 The seminar was a great eye opener to the extent at which young women participation in Politics was exceedingly needed and the gap created by the low level of young Women active involvement in Nigerian Politics.     

1.) Highlights of the Program

The Participants were registered before the onset of  the event. The Names and Contacts of the attendees were collated and reported below,with pictures of participants taken while inculcating them as new members and ambassadors for YWIPF. Members were quite eager to and ready to follow through with Community Service Programs which was promised to follow soon enough.

It is indeed a great delight and though quite an herculean task to convey the group and the financial implications was also a great hurdle. But with the Passion for a dreamed society and a better future for the upcoming young ones, it is indeed a noble cause. The level of response received has given the drive to take the message to all nooks and crannies of the state to achieve our aims and objectives in the Forum ,come 2019 Election Process. I  Dr. Oderinde-Clement Temitayo would be very glad if further attention and support can be given to the programs of the forum  in the Ogun-State . 

2.) Challenges

One of the issues raised during the feedback of the event was how to surmount the hurdle of  the family and societal discrimination against young women taking up roles in Political Parties and the Stigmatisation accrued to such ladies in the community.

The solution proffered was that , as long as the young ladies abandon Politics ,the live of the infants is at stake,the future of the women in the society and all matters pertaining to women would continue to be shoved under,so it is worth all our efforts to rise up and take the future of the children and the women of this country to our hands, by becoming active in the decision making process so as to make necessary adjustments through sponsoring of bills, advocacy at various levels and coming in elective and appointive positions Another hurdle was sighted as combining the gender roles of being a good wife, a responsible mother and at the same time an active political figure.
Suggestions were proffered in that as young women, we are natural leaders builder and creating the right environment for the family can be extended to the society Keith a little more effort and vision for the kids we bear. All these suggestions were taken into consideration. The interesting point was that a lot of the young women present were excited at the single fact that they can indeed create the desired change as long as they stand up and act now.
One other major challenge was the economic empowerment of women which most of the time was dependent on the husband or father. This has been a great setback for Young Women since of them meet a brick wall when it comes to obtaining permission to take active roles in Politics from their financier in such a case.

3.) Recommendations

Hence we request further training for our shortlisted members so as to spur them into greater action and unflinching commitment to the forum and the involvement of young women in Party Politics in my state ,as members are also automatically registered as members of APC-YWF Ogun-State Chapter. 

Sponsoring of further awareness programs to campaign for massive inclusion of young women actively in politics in the state should also be considered as this chapter will be making submissions of proposed programs hence all  support for carrying out such programs. Thank You for Your co-operatation.

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  1. The seminars of this kind provide an opportunity for the young candidates to pursue their goals in the field of political activity. This chance is important for them.

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