An entire family imprisoned for bouncing on pregnant high schooler’s tummy

Three individuals from a Dallas family have been condemned for beating and bouncing on a pregnant 13-year-old young lady until the point when she prematurely delivered. The Dallas Morning News detailed that the casualty, now 19, was eight months pregnant when she was assaulted in 2013. 
As per court records, 47-year-old Sharon Jones was condemned to 12 years in jail in the wake of confessing to family viciousness attack. Her little girl, 28-year-old Cecilia McDonald, and child, 29-year-old Cedric Jones, Jr., confessed to a similar charge. They got seven and five years separately.
An entire family imprisoned for bouncing on pregnant high schooler's tummy
            Sharon Jones, her son Cedric Jones Jr and daughter Cecila McDonald.
In 2016, 29-year-old Lonnell McDonald was likewise condemned to 10 years for bothered ambush. The casualty’s sibling, 24-year-old Robert Cayald, faces a disturbed rape charge for the situation. He was discovered inept to stand trial a year ago, and his case is pending. 
Cayald is blamed for assaulting his 13-year-old sister in August 2012, which brought about pregnancy.
An entire family imprisoned for bouncing on pregnant high schooler's tummy Lonnell McDonald (left), got 10 years in jail in 2016, while Robert Cayald, 24 (right), who assaulted his sister was discovered bumbling to stand trial a year ago, and his case is pending. As indicated by a capture warrant affirmation, the adolescent and her more youthful sister had been sent to Dallas after their grandma kicked the bucket to live with their close relative, Sharon Jones. Be that as it may, the casualty and two of her kin moved into Cecila McDonald’s flat, where Lonnell McDonald and Cayald likewise lived. 

The high schooler affirmed in court that she disclosed to Cecila McDonald and Jones that Cayald had sexually manhandled Cecila McDonald’s three youthful youngsters. Cecila McDonald ‘turned out to be exceptionally anxious’ and stressed that Child Protective Services would take away her kids on the off chance that they discovered that the teenager was pregnant and that Cayald was living with her, the oath expressed. 

They initially constrained the high schooler to take anti-conception medication pills and cinnamon tablets to attempt to prematurely end the infant. At the point when that didn’t work, they held down the adolescent and alternated stepping on her pregnant midsection. 
Amid the assault, Cecila McDonald shouted at the teenager, ‘B***h, you ain’t going to get my children detracted from me.’ 

They held her down. They constrained her to lay there while individuals stepped her,’ prosecutor Rachel Burris contended. ‘I?t was savage.

The child was stillborn and put in a five-gallon pail and the family endeavored to consume the remaining parts on a flame broil. When they were unsuccessful, Jones gave her child $25 to discard the body. He concealed the remaining parts in a sack in an obscure area. 
Resistance lawyers for the trio contended that the assault was a little check on a generally clean record. They said the respondents had been a piece of Bible investigations and classes in prison and ought to be conceded tolerance. 

In any case, Burris contended that the litigants simply shrouded the abhorrent they were prepared to do. 

A great many people would treat outsiders better,’ Burris said. ‘However these individuals did it to somebody they guaranteed to love.

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