Soul: Ties, sex covenants, satanic coding and spirit spouses syndrome

When a person’s virginity is broken by a man or a woman, there is blood (for the female) or a fluid (for the male) and you don’t know what the blood is saying, because every blood speaks a language. When you sleep with another person, there is a lot of exchange of both fluid and blood. Strong blood covenants are entered into. In fact, sexual immorality can be very dangerous, both spiritually and physically. In the first place, there is an evil spirit behind fornication. There is a part of you deposited in everyone you sleep with, whether you use condom or not. This is so, because sex is not just a physical act, it is spiritual, and a spiritual contract occurs. You are joined first of all with your sex partner. Secondly, you are joined with the evil spirit behind the evil act. What is hidden inside and behind people are too deep to see with the ordinary eye.

A sex covenant can cause one to inherit the ancestral curse following the person you join yourself with. In Hebrew, the word covenant means, “To cut.” It symbolises the cutting of an animal. Animals were sacrificed and cut in two, then the covenanters would walk on the blood of the slain animal in between the two divided parts of the animal. All the strongest covenants in the spirit realm are entered into through blood. Sex is just one of the ways.

One satanic agent revealed that any man that sleeps with them is finished. They become initiated ignorantly and become part of the demonic army unknowingly. They also go ahead on the same errand initiating every one they sleep with. It is like a chain reaction. They cause the sperm of these men to be contaminated. Every girl they sleep with equally becomes initiated. After a man or woman so captured has served his/her purpose, they will kill them at last. For as many souls these agents initiate and kill, they are promoted in this kingdom. Having sex with such people is to be covenanted and initiated instantly.

Satanic Coding
A code is a secret means by which you can have access to someone, something or somewhere. It is not open to everybody, but to the owner and to whomsoever he wishes to reveal it to. Coding, therefore, involves elements of secret words, letter or symbol. To code someone in our own context is to plant spiritual things in the life of a person that can be used to identify, manipulate or remote control the person. When one is coded, the enemy can easily trace the person. In recent years, scientists have been able to process microchips that are loaded with vast information. These microchips are small enough to fit into a hypodermic needle and inject under the skin of an animal, such as a dog. The microchip provides an identification code, that, when scanned allows the animal to be easily traced and monitored by the owner giving precise information of its whereabouts at any given time, because of the code embedded into it in form of a microchip. This is a physical example of what human scientists are doing. Sexual immorality opens one up to spiritual coding.

Many lives have been coded by the devil, so as to monitor and attack them. One day, a lady was moving along the street and turned to see a big truck that had lost control and was heading right at her. She made a mad dash and the truck flew past her missing her by inches. As she continued on her way that same day, a large tree fell, and people started screaming to alert her. She quickly jumped clear, as it fell with a big thud. As if that was not enough, later that evening, bullets were flying everywhere. Nobody was wounded except her, as two bullets entered her body and she was rushed to the hospital, where she later gave up. Was she the only person in the street for those bullets to hit? The simple answer is that she was coded for destruction. Some are coded for destruction, others for a life of failure, others for a life of suffering, others for a life of ill health. Some hands have been coded to ensure that anything they touch fails. Some are coded to be resented and rejected. “He hath…set me as a mark for the arrow,” Lamentation 3:12.

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