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Sheun Benny is a gospel minister, worshiper, and versatile instrumentalist wanting to represent Christ in every area of life… I got spires by the Holy Spirit to those who are sick in any areas of there lives… God Almighty will heal the sick via this song. Amen

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Lyric below Great Physician by Sheun Benny

Jesus yesterday, today, forever more,
I heard you heal d sick d limb and blind to see,
Come and touch my life and make me whole again.
All I want is you to save me from my shame.
I learned you’re d truth,d way and life.

Come and way, miracle working God.
Chorus: ogwu oria mo
Ezurukeme., come and touch my life and make me whole again,
Ogwu oria mo Ezurukeme; come and av ur way, miracle working God.
Verse: Are you sick and down and hope is gone,
Come and see a God, God who never fails.
He will wipe your tears, and you smile again.,
All you need to do… Just believe, believe,
I learned he’s d truth, d way, and life
Come and av ur way, miracle-working God…
Latter part; great physician: call and response twice.
Come and touch my life and make me whole again.
Great physician: call and response twice come and av your way, miracle working God.

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