CAN Urge Buhari, Govs Not To Disenchant The masses

CAN President, Rev Samson Ayokunle, made the call in a chat with reporters in Abuja According to him, it is the failure of the past administrations at both federal and state levels that has placed the nation in a deplorable state on many fronts. CAN Urge Buhari

He said: “It is our wish and prayer for those that are being sworn-in today (yesterday); the president and the vice president, the new and returning governors, that they will live up to the expectations of the masses, who voted them into office.

“They should not disappoint the people and make them regret voting them to power. They should live up to the expectations of the oath of office and the oath of allegiance they swore to. CAN Urge Buhari


“They should serve the country without fear or favor; they should not allow personal interest to conflict with the constitution.”

“If they live up to this expectation, the whole country will grow, our economy will come out of the woods, and there will be peace and unity in every nook and cranny of the country. CAN Urge Buhari

“It is their failure to do so that has made us be, not only stagnant in many areas but also the poverty capital of the world.”

Ayokunle urged Nigerians to continue to pray and cooperate with the newly inaugurated leaders to get it right in the next four years…

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