Say No To Suicide


Lately, I’ve been coming across news of young Men and Ladies taking their lives i.e committing suicide (Say No To Suicide) in the name of breakup and I think I should lend my voice to the innocent guys and ladies out there on the need to be courageous when heartbreak beckons.
I woke up this morning to hear the sad story of this promising young man who took his life because he was jilted by his lady of nine years referring what he did to her three years ago as a ground for her breakup.
Even while I understood that depression is real and the havoc it can wreck; It is so sad that a man with a vibrant future could end his own life tragically on the account of being jilted- Say No To Suicide. It is no secret that anyone who does this is seriously blinded by earthly love for his/her partner in the first place.
It is worthy of note that at times; there might be a failure in relationships. In essence; you might meet the wrong person before meeting the right. I’m putting this to Nigerian youths to know that if a relationship is challenged, committing suicide is not an option.
The fact is that no matter how bad a situation may be, it will someday be better. It’s innate in men to have a preference for another person while we are even in a happy relationship but the ability to discipline ourselves differentiate us from one another. Having a preference for another person is a battle of the mind only few can overcome and so if your partner is unable to overcome this battle and opt for another man or lady; committing suicide is not an option and only cowards thread this path.
Tragically taking the life you never created will even spell doom for you when you meet your creator.
The notion that someone leaving your life marks the end for you is a delusion that must not be conceived. Who told you another person better will not come if someone leaves your life? The bitter truth is that whoever leaves your life is not meant for you in the first place. I wonder on earth why many youths like to make a mountain out of a molehill. Come to think of it; are you the first to be jilted(Say No To Suicide)? It’s crystal clear in the book of the preacher that there is nothing new under the sun. After you might have taken your life; will that God sent brother or sister be able to see you?
Let me use one Yoruba aphorism that “Okunrin to ba para e tori Obinrin; egbegberun Obinrin a koja lo ri saree e” meaning a man who takes his life because of a woman will have thousands of women pass through his grave and vice-versa. When the thought of suicide beckons; even though you can’t remember anyone as a reason not to take your life, remember God who created you, premised your existence not on any man but Himself and your parents who have invested a lot in you hoping one day you will give them succor.
This is my conclusion; somebody meant for you will never leave you and anyone who leaves you is not meant for you. You are too precious to die in the name of being jilted. Remember that when you kill yourself; not everyone will pray for repose to your soul because you have broken their hearts and a lot of them who look up to you have been disappointed. Live and overcome that breakup; only cowards take the step of tragically ending their lives.
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Abiodun Sagacious is a graduate of mechanical engineering technology of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo. He’s a writer and public speaker.

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