Nigerians React to the allegations of Wizkid’s baby mama towards him #Wizkid #babymama

wizkid baby mama

Again, the internet has been set ablaze, following reports that start boy Wizkid has been abusing his 3rd baby mama and also former manager, Jada Pollock. Wizkid’s baby mama

Jada had taken her Instagram account to make claims that Wizkid has been abusing her for a very long time but she chose to keep it away from her family and the public but won’t do that anymore. Wizkid’s baby mama


Nigerians have reacted to the allegations with a particular user saying …

“I know I’m amongst those who always defend Wizkid across social media, but if he really beats Jada, then that’s STUPID. I really don’t care what she did.

Read more comments below;

Wizkid trying to avoid all the drama after Jada accused him of domestic
— Wahab (@habby_ay) July 17, 2019

Shola accuses WizKid of not being there for her and their son, Tife

Binta Diallo accuses WizKid of being flirtatious with women

Jada accuses WizKid of being violent


— The Hénry Nevoír (@Hxnry_Nevoir) July 17, 2019

Shola: “Wizkid is a deadbeat dad”

Binta Diallo: “Wizkid is a hoe, he flirts too much”

Jada: “Wizkid continuously put his hands on me”


— Jay (@HectoringJ) July 17, 2019

Wizkid as you dey beat your babe so I still stand with you I swear even if you want make we dey beat our girls I go happily beat them well because I know to say jada fit wan stubborn and Na so girls be so make we dey beat ourselves.infact I will beat my gf today

— siloh (@siloh09879373) July 17, 2019

If Wizkid really beat Jada then thats the end of the road for him. The same baby mama that defends him when other baby mama’s are accusing him of being trash. You Show no concern to the first 2 baby mama’s & Domestically Violate the 3rd?
Thats Wickedness & you are Done!!!
— King N●-N●  (@Zaddy_nomso) July 17, 2019

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