Former Governor Rashidi Ladoja talks about running for political seats in 2023

Governor Rashidi Ladoja

The former governor of the state of Oyo, Rashidi Ladoja, said he has no plans to leave politics. However, he clarified that he would no longer seek elections in any political seat.

Osi Olubadan, who promised to be available for any development policy anywhere in the country, said he would never take the “siddon” approach to politics as rumored in some sectors.

Ladoja clarified to the journalists at his residence in Bodija, Ibadan, on Sunday after observing the prayers of Eid-el-Kabir.

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Governor Rashidi Ladoja said:

Is it possible for someone to withdraw from politics? Are you not a politician? And then, what are they talking about? All I said was that I would not answer again. Is that not retirement? That is retirement.

I say I will not answer again, but I will always go for development policies. Whether I am in a partisan or nonpartisan policy, if there is any development policy, I will always look for it anywhere in Nigeria. Therefore, it’s not about “Siddon-look,” I’m not “saddening look.

In his assessment of the security situation in the country, the former governor said the government is not sincere in its approach to finding a lasting solution to the myriad of challenges facing the country. According to him, “if they are ready, they will first see the root causes of the challenges and address it head-on.”

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