NDI IGBO GROUP IN U.S.A, CANADA AND CARIBBEAN: They used Igbo names to committ crimes

Yahoo fraudsters

Yahoo fraudsters: They used Igbo names to commit crimes. – NDI IGBO GROUP IN U.S.A, CANADA AND CARIBBEAN COUNTRIES SUPPORTED BY IPOD OHANEZE.

“77 Yahoo fraudsters do no represent us. When the Igbos were taken for slavery we were taken to Israel but Yorubas who were taken to the U.S.A with few Fulanis that married the whites Oyibos have the Children in FBI doing this to the Igbos.

We all know that the Yorubas are superiors in Yahoo and trained our children. Their Fulani/Hausas collaborators were not mentioned because their people in power have bribed the government of the U.S.A with oil in the South. Their go-between is Abike Dabiri, that lady who hates the Igbos so much. We learned she as married twice and she never thought of being our wife talkless of dating one Igbo but the Fulanis and her tribe. She is released that names haven certified that only Igbos are left on the list but left only one Yoruba name because his mother is an Igbo also raised in Enugu and speak more of Igbo than YORUBA. She claimed that the list represents the FEDERAL CHARACTER but the El-Rufais of this world is smarter than those IDIOT Yorubas as they deleted the three northerners. The FBI I says 80 names but they now came up with 77 Yahoo fraudsters what about the 3 Abdullahi, Umar, and Sheds!!!!

We have the real list and we would soon come up with their identities and where they come from.”

WE SPEAK AGAINST HUMILIATION OF IGBOS WORLDWIDE. Igbos are known for business and catching in on opportunities. The CRIMINALIZATION of Igbos by the Yorubas and Fulanis in Nigeria with their American black Niggas in white complexion is unacceptable. We must raise our voice against it. We are meeting them in court in the United State of America where justice will be deemed served. We would DISGRACE President Donald Trump and his wicked plans. Igbos in his employment thought his business and how to declare his businesses bankrupt in the U.S to escape taxes now he is treating us Mexico’s way. No, we won’t let it stand.

OUR LEADER OF THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF NDI IGBO WORLDWIDE; Mazi Dr. Nnamdi KANU has directed us to campaign and vote against President Donald Trump a Fulani Herdsman.

They are not happy at our successes and the way we throw our parties after making our monies. See video but the Yorubas thought us how to spray money at parties in their OWANBES now we are better than them. The spray naira but we throw dollars$$$$ssss.

Their lists came after the Ike Ekweremadu experience of our beatings and they went on collaborating with their Trump FBI gangsters to humiliate our extraction.

HONG KONG EXTRADITION ORDER: This led to public disorder in Hong Kong and we won’t only copy this to stop any plan of EXTRADITION of our people to the USA we would mobilize and invest heavily on this campaign against such unholy moves.

Nigerian judges are better than their American and European counterparts and they understand the only language Igbo speaks and heard. We would be probed by the Nigerian police and investigators whom we understand their suffering.
Americans take care of their judges so why not Nigerians too care for their Nigerian judges.

Remember, El-ZarkZaki experience in India reveals that Nigerian and Biafran doctors are BETTER so let us patronize our own.

Thank you fellow Nigerians.

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